Sports Club Etiquette

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Pretty Woman Sports Club – Etiquette

As a visitor to the Pretty woman sports club, you agree to comply with the club's internal rules.

General rules
● Booking an appointment for the gym is mandatory, considering the working hours.
● Being late for the workout is at the expense of the client.
● Each service is paid in advance at the reception desk.
● Any amount paid for providing a service from Pretty woman sports club does not get refunded.
● Access of people who don’t have a gym appointment is NOT allowed.
● Smoking in all areas of the sports club is strictly forbidden.
● The clients are required to take care of the equipment in the sports club. Upon misuse, the client recovers the value of the damaged property.
● A client who does not comply with the internal rules, hygiene requirements, does not take care of the property and / or violates the training process of other clients, will be asked to leave the club.
● For your personal comfort and for the comfort of the other clients, we ask you to keep the club clean and avoid any excessive noise.

● The clients in the sports club should wear an appropriate sportswear and clean sports shoes.
● The clients are required to use their own towels and toiletries for personal hygiene.
● Any additional service is payable at the reception desk.

Changing rooms
● The Sports Club is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings left in the changing room. Please leave any valuables and personal belongings for storage at the reception desk.
● For your personal comfort and for the comfort of the other customers, we kindly ask you to keep the changing rooms clean at all times.

Club membership cards
● The club membership cards are personal and can’t be used by any other but the card holder.
● The club membership cards are for a set period of time (valid from date of issue to expiry date)