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Energy and perseverance conquer all!

If you want to feel toned, stress free and maintain good physical shape while get in tune with your inner harmony  – you can get all of this at Sport Club Pretty Woman!​

What effect does massage have on individual organs and systems?

With regard to the nervous system, the massage has an overall toning, relaxing, analgesic effect, as well as regulation of the excitatory processes in the central nervous system. The massage has a direct effect on the superficial venous vessels and capillaries. The excreted active substances are related to the permeability of the vessels and help to open the reserve blood vessels. This provides better tissue trophics, increased gas exchange and metabolism.

Massages reduce the tendency for swelling and blood stasis in the internal organs due to the blood going to the periphery. With regard to the musculoskeletal system, the massage improves elasticity and muscle tone, eliminates fatigue; Selected massages are related to muscle relaxation and contraction removal.

Massages improve tissue trophism, help to spread exudative processes, are related to lymphatic stasis, flexibility of joints, as well as maintaining and restoring the optimum volume of movement of the joints.

With respect to the skin, massages also have beneficial effects - they help to cleanse and open the pores, activate the metabolic processes in the deeper layers of the skin, stimulate the neuro-receptor apparatus.

Sports and massages go hand in hand and it is important for every person to take care of their body and prevent any future aches or injures.

Full body classic / relax massage 60 min. - 40 BGN

For anyone looking for an anti-stress solution for anyone who, at the end of the workday, feels overworked, stressed, and energy deprived. It eliminates pain in different parts of the body, heals and prevents cramps, and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. Improves your health and tone.

Full body healing / restorative massage 50 min. - 40 BGN

Therapeutic massage has universal power. It has been used for years not only for relaxation but also for healing. It has been proven to eliminate pain and cramps, improve blood circulation and strengthen the entire body.

Sports massage (Full or partial body massage) 40 min. – 30 BGN

Suitable for all those who maintain good fitness, as well as for people who want a stronger and more intense massage. It eliminates fatigue, reduces tension, improves blood circulation.

Back massage / partial body massage 30 min. - 20 BGN

Chronic back pain is an uncomfortable pain that does not go away. Even if you take painkillers, in the given moment you will get used to them and their effect will diminish excessively, the massage gives a longer lasting and promising look.

Improves sleep
Because the massage reduces pain and helps the body to relax, logically increase and improve the quality of sleep.

Human body is simply not designed to be immobilized for long periods of time. Sport helps greatly, and massages prove to be a surprising ally in the fight against insomnia and stress. Specially designed massages help to relax the whole body and eliminate pain.

Anti-cellulite massage with the desired effect for 30 min. 30 BGN.

When buying a bundle of 10 anti-cellulite massages you get 5% off.

Anti-cellulite massage techniques help to reduce the subcutaneous fat accumulated in the form of cellulite formations. Better blood supply brings fresh nutrients to the tissues, distributes lymphatic retention and burns fat.

 Please note that you must book a massage at least one day in advance. Availability: 7 days a week.

For our regular clients, we perform massages at a convenient time, as well as prepare a program for overall physical condition, diet and opportunities to improve health and tone with appropriate kind of sport.